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Welcome to Siberian Cats Cattery!

     Walking through the site's pages, You will  be dipped into the magical world of Its Magesty Siberian Cat, you'll get acquainted our Cattery's animals (Queens and Kittens) and maybe You will find a devoted friend for long happy years.

Who is a Siberian cat?

kittens siberian neva masquerade

    If once You' ve gotten a Siberian Cat it means that from that moment it has settled in your heart forever. Very often You can hear from happy owners of Siberians a phrase like this one: “The one who once has gotten a Siberian Cat wouldn’t become an admirer of another breed”. So, why are Siberians so much charming and magnificent? I want to share with You my feelings to these wonderful breed. 

   There is a remarkable saying: "People are met on clothes, and see off on mind". I think this phrase is pertinent for Siberians too.

   First of all, a Siberian cat is incredibly beautiful: Siberian cats have the most admirable look in “winter coat”, when they wear magnificent fur attire! Amazing "lion's" mane, rich fluffed up (“peacock”) tail, dense shining coat - this is amazing!!!

     The palette of Siberians coat colors is so much various that can satisfy the most refined taste! Besides, a Siberian Cat can always make the best impression for You. When Siberian "tiger" walks it is the expression of embodiment of majesty, advantage and grace.

  Unperturbable tranquillity and comprehension of unknown universal wisdom is read in poses and a look of Siberian,  there is a feeling that a notable person of blue blood is before you .


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