WCF Cat Show in Kiev on the 17-18th of September 2016

Zefirinka Sibirushka Krasa*UA

2 Ex.1 x CACP / 2 x NomBIS/ the 8th place WCF-ring kitten

FIFe Show Kiev the 5th-6th of March 2016


Dushen'ka Sibirushka Krasa*UA

BEST adult female of the 2nd cattegory x 2 days!!!!!!!!!!!!

2 CAC Ex.1 x 2 days / NOM BIS x 2 days

FiFe Show Kiev the 31st of October-1st November 2015

Dushen'ka Sibirushka Krasa*UA


NOM BIS / 2xEx.1

WCF Show Kiev Pan Kotskiy club the 10th-11th of October 2015

Dushen'ka Sibirushka Krasa*UA

Ch. Kitten / 3xNOM BIS / 3xEx.1

Best kitten in Forest Show / Best of Best in Forest Show