Our cattery leads the breeding programm exceptionally for Traditional siberian cats.

Our goal is to reach and improve in our kittens the best qualities of siberian cat like massive well ballanced body with great muscles, storng big paws, big head with correct profile and ears, flexible tail. The best kittens we keep for further breeding programm or look for them the best owners in other catteries.

We cooperate with many foreing catteries over the world, where our graduates became ones of their the best breeding cats: USA Connecticut Nicholas-Siberians www.nicholas-siberians.com (Zefirinka SibirushkaKrasa*UA), USA NewHampshire Kings Choice (Gloria SibirushkaKrasa*UA), Italy: Neposedy (Barinya SibirushkaKrasa*UA), Breeder Patrizia Ca (Zhuravushka SibirushkaKrasa*UA),  Poland: Filglarne Kociaki*Pl (Elania Sibirushka Krasa*UA) Bakalland (Dorogusha SibirushkaKrasa*UA), Mrau (Honorable Askold), Latvia White Frost (Honorable Alyonushka), China Cieloch (Imperator SibirushkaKrasa*UA, Efreeta SibirushkaKrasa*UA, Elarin SibirushkaKrasa*UA), Germany Nevalions (Vervent SibirushkaKrasa*UA).

If you are interested in a kitten, please contact us by e-mail princessofsiberia8911@gmail.com, or by using the form on the page Contacts, we are also in touch by Viber (+380991995525) or FB (Jelena Klimenko (Siberians)

we have no available kittens at the moment

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